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Trained Masseuse Mari Salopää

My goal is to help and take care of people as individuals and focus on you as a person. I graduated from the Sports Massage Institute of Finland in 2017. The studies included theoretical and practical training of human anatomy and massaging.

I practiced sports massage in co-operation with the Men's Ice Hockey SM-League team HIFK. Working with the professional athletes during their practices and matches gave me excellent experience as a professional sports masseuse.

In 2017 I started studying Orthopedic Osteopathy at OOKK. I will use my newly acquired knowledge to help my customers.

I also have previous experience in the sports section as an EHFA's Personal Trainer. It's been a great advantage in understanding different sports and their effects on the body.


What is a Trained Masseuse?

A trained masseuse is a health care professional who is authorized by the Health Authority Valvira. All the trained masseuses are registered in the Central Register of Healthcare Professionals, Terhikki.

A trained masseuse is a safe choice. 


Fascia Treatment

Fascia treatment focuses on the connective tissues of the muscles, i.e. the fasciae, as well as tendons and ligaments. The fascia tool compresses the tissue and stretches the fascia. This lubricates the tissue and keeps it elastic.

Fascia treatment eases aches, improves mobility, treats connective tissues and loosens knots.


Massage therapy targets the soft tissues of the body, i.e. the muscles. Massage can be used to ease aches, lessen muscle tension and relax the whole body.

Massage is a great remedy for pains in the neck, shoulder and back regions as well as for tension headaches. It is also an essential part of athletes' wellbeing.


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